Outree Balance Stepping Stones

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The floor is lava! Featuring 6 'turtle shell' stepping stones, 24 activity cards, and a spinner, there's nothing that captivates children more than this toy.
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Why Choose Outree Balance Stepping Stones?
It's a unique and interactive set designed to improve balance, coordination, and overall physical agility.

Durable Design

Crafted from high-quality plastic, these stepping stones can withstand weights of up to 200lbs, ensuring enduring enjoyment for your kids.​

Safety Meets Fun

No slip-ups here! With a reliable non-slip surface and a robust rubber base, these stepping stones make safety a priority.

Endless Creation

The package includes vibrant spinners and 24 activity cards. Encourage little ones to invent their own rules and set creativity in motion!

Frequently Asked Questions
The loading capacity is 200lb (90kg). To avoid any safety hazards, please make sure to use under the weight limit that we recommend.
Of course. The stepping stone kit can be stacked together in order of size and placed in a dry indoor area.
Absolutely! The balance stepping stone can be used to play many games, and the number of players can be adjusted according to different games.
You can play with them both indoors and outdoors. Please note to store the balance stepping stone in a dry place after playing.
It has a rubber edging so they don't slip and slide. We recommend children to remove socks if using as it makes it less chance of their foot slips off when walking on them. Shoes or slippers with a rubber sole works well.
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What Are the Benefits of Balance Stepping Stones?

Designed with various skill domains in mind, Balance Stepping Stones offer an array of benefits for children, including those with ADHD, depression, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and autism. As parents seeking the best for our children, it's essential to understand how these stepping stones can positively impact their lives.

Enhancing Attention and Focus:
For children with ADHD, Balance Stepping Stones provide a unique opportunity to release excess energy and enhance focus. The textured patterns on the stones offer tactile stimulation, helping children concentrate and improve their attention span.

Alleviating Depression: 
Vibrant colors and sensory experiences during play captivate children's attention, making Balance Stepping Stones an ideal choice for kids with depression. The active play process with siblings, friends and families contributes to emotional well-being, stress reduction, and anxiety relief.

Developing Coordination Skills:
Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder can benefit significantly from using these stones. By engaging with the step stones, they exercise sensory balance and coordination, improving their physical awareness, strength, and flexibility.

Enhancing Social Skills:
Balance Stepping Stones offer a unique avenue for children with autism to interact with peers or parents. Increased social interaction enhances a child's social skills and quality of parent-child bonding, reinforcing feelings of love.

Item Package Dimensions
‎12.09 x 10.43 x 7.99 inches
Package Weight
‎1.64 Kilograms
Plastic, Rubber

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Barrett & Aunt Rynn

We love our Outree products!! The stepping stones are so much fun. We have played with stickers on the ground, but the stones add the new challenge of balance! Honestly can’t recommend Outree products more!

My nephew absolutely loves it.

My nephew absolutely loves his gift.

Awesome Fun for Active Kids

These stepping stones are a blast! I was skeptical at first, but they exceeded my expectations. They're sturdy, won't slip or slide (on an even surface), and can even handle adults (I'm around 140lbs) without a hitch. The turtle spinner game is like hopscotch on steroids, and you can create your own rules on the blank side with the provided marker.

What's even better? They come with cards for more game ideas, and the turtle shell design is a hit with the little ones, offering great grip. My kids have a blast using them, and it's fantastic exercise that keeps them away from excessive screen time. Every parent with kids under 13 should give these a try. Plus, they're easy to store in the included drawstring bag. Highly recommend!

Page by Paige Reviews
We love these!

We ordered these because my daughter was using similar stepping stones at her physical therapy appointments to strengthen her muscles and balance skills. My daughter adores these! They are a big hit at play dates, and her balance skills have improved a lot! Her favorite thing to do with them is play music and stop on a turtle shell when the music pauses. Then we spin the spinner. We also incorporate them into obstacle courses!
Something unique that we love about these stepping stones is the turtle shell design and texture. It helps make them very grippy for little feet. It comes with a drawstring bag which has been very convenient when we take them out to play dates. 100% recommend these!

Outree Balance Stepping Stones
$89.99 $62.95
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