Outree Sensory Body Sock

Available in two sizes (Medium & Small), the body sock engages kids in playful sensory exploration as they stretch and jump. The gentle swaddle helps to soothe and calm while nurturing their spatial awareness.
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Color: Blue
Size: Medium
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Why Kids Love Outree's Sensory Body Sock?
This unique sensory tool provides the sensation of a warm hug, triggering the release of 'happy chemicals'.

Kid-Focused Quality

We've used a special material that keeps the sock breathable and incredibly soft. Every seam is carefully stitched, and the neckline snaps are specially reinforced to ensure they stay put and won't easily come undone.

On-The-Go Fun

The package comes with a handy carrying bag for easy transport. Whether it's a play date at the park or a visit to grandma's house, just grab and go!

Stretch and Explore

Crafted from a special blend of polyester and Lycra, which doubles the stretchiness and is perfect for tumbling, rolling, and walking. Watch your little ones have a blast as they explore endless movements in this super comfy sock.

Frequently Asked Questions
When a child puts on a body sock, it creates a cocoon-like environment that can help them feel more grounded and in control. The gentle pressure can provide a calming effect and help regulate their sensory input.
Our body sock for kids is made of polyester and Lycra. It is comfortable and breathable. We use sturdy stitching at every seam in our body socks, the snaps on neckline are not easy to fall off and hard to bounce off.
Our body socks are machine washable. Generally, it's best to wash the body sock on a gentle cycle with cold water and air dry it to maintain its elasticity and shape.
While body socks can be calming and provide a sense of security, they may not be suitable for sleep. It's best to consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist for guidance on using a body sock as part of a bedtime routine if you're considering it for sleep purposes.
Body socks are great for kids who have sensory processing issues or seek sensory input. They can be helpful for children with autism, ADHD, anxiety, or other sensory challenges. However, any child can enjoy the cozy and comforting feeling of a body sock.
Body socks are generally designed to be worn for short periods of time, such as during playtime, therapy sessions, or when your child needs some sensory input. It's recommended to give your child breaks from wearing the body sock to avoid overheating or discomfort.
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What Are the Benefits of Sensory Body Socks?

Sensory Body Socks serve as both a fun and therapeutic tool for children with diverse sensory challenges. 

1. Sensory Input: 
For children with sensory processing disorders (SPD) or autism, Sensory Body Socks provide the sensory input they need. The regular use of sensory socks allows the child to become more accustomed to sensory input and develop better body awareness. They can learn to self-regulate their sensory responses, making everyday activities more manageable and comfortable for them.

2. Anxiety Management: 
Many children with sensory issues experience heightened anxiety levels. When the child puts on the bodily socks, they experience a snug cocoon-like feeling as the sock's material wraps around their body. The consistent pressure evenly distributed by the sock helps calm their sensory system. The child starts to feel more grounded and secure within the sock, gradually reducing their sensory sensitivities.

3. Attention and Focus: 
Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often struggle with maintaining focus. As the child wears the sensory socks, they experience the calming and pressure it provides. This sensory input helps create a soothing environment that helps reduce their restlessness. This calming effect gradually allows the child to maintain attention on the task at hand for longer periods.

4. Play and Imagination: 
These stretchy sensory socks for kids encourage creative and imaginative play. Children with special needs can use them to engage in activities that promote motor skills, coordination, and sensory exploration.



Who Would Benefit Most From Sensory Body Socks?

Sensory Body Socks offer a range of benefits for children, especially those dealing with conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Developmental Coordination Disorder. 




Item Package Dimensions
39 x 27 x 0.99 inches
Package Weight
1 Pound
polyester, Lycra

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A sensory hit for Autistic kids

My son is autistic and loves this little body sock! He looked so cute wearing it as well . He’s 8, tall and skinny and medium fit perfectly with room to grow! The price is great too as most sensory items geared towards autism are outrageously priced, I would say this was a win all around.

Mrs. Green
Great for my son

My son got this for Christmas and he loves it! He has autism and he loves to "hide." He thinks it's fun to get inside and roll around too. 😆 It's cozy (he says) and it's easy to wash. Great gift as well!

Lorie Roach
Good stretch.

My ADHD son is using this. He loves to be swaddled and still swaddles himself with blankets. He's learning how to zip it by himself now.

It's fun to play with it, but it's also useful when you're experiencing sensory overload.

My son's AS/ES teacher recently informed me that she had purchased a body sock for her classroom and that it had helped my son calm down when he was experiencing sensory overload. I had never heard of a body sock before, so I was excited to order this OUTREE Sensory Body Sock for Kids to try out. I wish they had a size large because, while my son was overjoyed when he took this out of the pouch it came in, it was not large enough for his needs. Now, I must admit that my son is a little taller than the recommended height (43" - 51"). So, this is definitely not the product’s fault. Furthermore, my son appeared to want to be able to put his head in as well as achieve total sensory deprivation. This does not appear to be the goal based on the images on the product page. If you're thinking about ordering this for a child who is a little taller than recommended, like mine, know that it does fit as shown in the pictures I uploaded. He simply cannot fully stretch out, and there is no room for growth.

This body sock appears to be of high quality. The fabric was very soft and stretchable. My son was jumping around in it and moving in all directions, so I'm worried those little black snaps will come undone soon. I initially thought a zipper would be a better solution here, but I can imagine it hitting his chin or him getting his clothes or hair stuck in it, so snaps are probably the best option. However, because the snaps appear to be holding together more tightly than they are attached to the fabric, I'm just hoping they don't get torn off.

My son did not want to take this body sock off after putting it on and playing around for a while. I stopped him from walking down the stairs with it and using it at his computer. So he suggested putting it on his bed and sleeping with it. It's similar to a large sleeping bag that doesn't get as hot. This is a simple idea that appears to be beneficial. My son has autism, and I'm hoping that the next time things get too much for him, this body sock will come in handy, just like it did at school.

Monster fun

Kiddo loved this! He pretended he was a monster and got the pressure he needed.

Outree Sensory Body Sock
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