Outree Double Layer Sensory Swing

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Double the layers, double the comfort. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your kids 'fly' with joy on this therapy swing.
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Why You Should Choose Outree Sensory Swing?
Looking for an exciting playtime solution for your kids? Look no further!

Easy Installation

All the setup hardware is included in the package, and we've chosen stainless steel for all metal components to guarantee durability and safety.

Built to last

Crafted from high-stretch, heat-resistant, and super-durable polyester fabric. Plus, it's machine washable for easy maintenance.

Endless fun

Bring on the laughter and adventure! With the 360° Rotate Hanger, your little explorers can swing, spin, and twirl in every direction.

Frequently Asked Questions
The loading capacity is 200lb (90kg). To avoid any safety hazards, please make sure to use under the weight limit that we recommend.
Of course, it can be used together with a stand. Most common swing frames on the market are compatible. Please ensure that the load capacity of the swing frame is sufficient to meet the requirements of the swing.
You can see in our Sensory Swing accessories that there is a daisy chain, easily adjust the height of the daisy chain for an appropriate length according to your needs.
It takes at least a space of 3*3 feet to have an indoor swing. The larger the scale you want to swing, the more space it may require. But please be careful not to swing too forcefully.
Absolutely. Please store the swing in a dry and safe place when not in use.
It needs to be fixed on a thick, smooth, and sufficiently load-bearing surface.
The fabric is Polyester, elastic, and very comfortable to sit in.
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What Are the Benefits of Outree Compression Sensory Swings? And why?

  • Deep Touch Pressure (DTP): The double-layer design of these kids swing sets provides a proprioceptive input through compression, akin to a firm hug. This gentle, consistent pressure has a calming and organizing effect on the nervous system. It aids children who may struggle with sensory modulation, reducing sensory seeking or sensory avoiding behaviors.
  • Sensory Integration: The swinging motion stimulates the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, contributing to sensory integration. This can improve a child's ability to perceive, process, and respond to sensory input effectively. As a result, children may experience enhanced body awareness, improved balance, coordination, and spatial perception.
  • Enhanced Focus and Attention: The calming and organizing effects of deep pressure and sensory integration help children with attention difficulties, such as those with ADHD. The swings can assist in reducing restlessness and improving the ability to concentrate, making them a valuable tool for children who need to maintain focus.



Who Are Sensory Swings Beneficial For?

Outree's Single Layer Sensory Swing is expertly designed to cater not only to children's recreational needs but also to the unique requirements of those facing various developmental challenges. 

  • This swing provides a secure and comforting space for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), aiding them in self-regulation and anxiety reduction. Additionally, it offers valuable sensory input to support children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in sensory integration.

  • For children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the swing aids in improving focus and reducing restlessness. 

Item Package Dimensions
12.13 x 8.94 x 4.84 inches
Package Weight
6.4 ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect for ADHD kids

My 13yr old daughter and my 9yr old son just love these! They make them feel enclosed and it helps during hard times with their adhd. They are made so well and the hardware is excellent and durable.


My son has aggression and impulse control (ADHD) This swing has seriously helped! He got it for Christmas and I am so happy with it! He spends time in it every single day. I hung it in our family room, it’s his go-to spot. His calm down spot, all of it.

Jamie Wilson
Hung from a swingset for testing/elevation. Holds a lot of weight. Breathable, soft material.

Before installing it, we wanted to see if it would work for our family.

We have a swingset, so we could easily hook the swing to the set using the provided carabiner.

No complaints from the kids, which is key. The material feels smooth and breathable, so I'm not concerned our kids could have trouble. Their age range is 6–11, for reference. It holds quite a bit of weight, so it can grow with the kids, which makes the installation more worth it.

There's quite a bit of material in the swing, which made me concerned at first that it could be too enveloping to escape without difficulty, but the way the material is oriented to the fastener precluded this. Our younger one loves it and wants it installed immediately. I'll update with an install portion of the review soon.

K. A. Nicholas
Nice for kids with sensory issues

I got this to keep at my house for when my granddaughters visit. The older girl has sensory issues as well as OT difficulties.

She really enjoys this swing, but needs help getting into it. It’s stretchy and snug once she’s inside it though.

It was easy to install and comes down easily as well, so we can put it away when she’s not visiting. It’s made for indoor use, so it’s not meant to be placed on an outdoor swing set and left there.

It’s a nice swing and seems to be well made. I would get this again.


The sensory swing is great for a little kids to get in a little cocoon and relax

Outree Double Layer Sensory Swing
$87.99 $69.99
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