Outree Wooden Balance Board

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Child-friendly finish, smooth edges. Aside from wobbling, it transforms into 'surfboard', 'car ramp', or a 'relaxing spot to think'. What else? Let Kids explore!
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What makes the Outree Wooden Balance Board the ideal choice?
Open-ended toys foster imagination, curiosity, and motor skills, stimulating the vestibular system crucial for overall development and learning.

Fun for All Ages

Whether it's a slide, lounge chair, or core balance, meditation. Outree wooden balance board offers endless entertainment for all, from kids to adults.

Boosting motor skills

Outree's balance board stimulates the vestibular system, enhancing balance and coordination. It's all about having a blast while enhancing physical abilities.

Worry-Free Durability

Crafted from polished, child-friendly, lacquered wood, the balance board is expertly made with smooth edges, ensuring a safe and long-lasting product.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our wooden balance board uses polished and lacquered wood, is well made with smooth edges.
Our high-quality wobble balance board has multiple uses in the life of all ages. Sturdy and very well-made OUTREE wooden balance board is strong for adult even. You can use it for exercise, core balance, meditation and so on. Fun for all ages!
Yes, kids balance boards can be used for therapeutic purposes, such as improving balance and coordination in children with certain developmental delays or conditions.
Absolutely! Kids balance boards can be used in various imaginative play scenarios. They can be transformed into a boat, a bridge, a surfboard, or anything else a child's imagination can come up with. It adds an element of creativity and fun to their playtime.
Using a balance board can help children develop their core strength, improve balance and coordination, and enhance their overall physical fitness. It can also be a fun way for kids to engage in active play and improve their motor skills.
Yes, our balance boards are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it's important to make sure that there is enough space around the child to prevent any accidents or collisions with furniture or other objects.
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What Are the Benefits of balance board?


Balance boards offer a range of advantages for children's physical and cognitive development.

  1. Enhancing balance and coordination: When children use a sensory board regularly, it promotes the development of their proprioception, which is the sense of their body's position in space. This, in turn, contributes to better motor skills, which is essential for crawling, walking, running, jumping, etc.

  2. Balance boards for kids also aid in strengthening core muscles. Balancing on the board engages abdominal and back muscles, leading to a stronger and more stable core. This is particularly beneficial as a strong core forms the foundation for good posture and overall physical health.

  3. Using a balance board requires concentration and focus. This cognitive aspect of balancing helps children improve their attention span and concentration skills. It can be a valuable tool in enhancing their ability to stay engaged and focused, especially in academic and learning environments.

  4. These balance boards offer sensory stimulation, which can be beneficial for children with sensory processing challenges. Such as alleviating hyperactivity and impulsive behavior in children with ADHD, aiding them in releasing excess energy. The gentle weight shifts and movements during use provide valuable sensory input that aids in regulating their sensory systems, fostering a greater sense of ease. 

  5. As a delightful playmate, the Balance board can also bring relief to children with depression. Engage in interactive parent-child games, strengthen family connections, and foster vital family support.

Item Package Dimensions
32 x 11.6 x 7.9 inches
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5.74 pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Scott
My kids enjoy it

It’s a really interesting concept. My 3 yr old doesn’t really stand on it but he uses it for all kinds of other play. I like that he’s not looking at a screen

Katherine Hollins
sturdy, versatile, not great for adult balance board

This is sturdy - my kid (toddler) uses it more as a "bridge" or slide (prop one end on the couch, and slide to the floor) than a balance board. I appreciate the open uses (kid will stand on it, or drive toys over/under it, and it's a neutral color.

I thought I might be able to borrow it as a balance board to use at my standing desk, but the arc is too narrow for it to be comfortable for that.

Sara Valanju
Larger than it looks

This swing is larger than it appears in the photos/larger than I was expecting, however it is great quality and my child enjoys using it as both a swing and a rocker.

They love it

This is a well made balance board. My 4 and 5 year Olds absolutely loves balancing/rocking on it. They also love to climb on it and sit on it. Sometimes they'll use it as a ramp for their cars. It has so many uses! And the best part is that when they tire of using it all of those ways, they can simply turn it into a swing. It's large enough for an adult and comes with sturdy ropes and carabiners for easy hanging. This is a great purchase!

Outree Wooden Balance Board
$119.99 $95.99
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